Y'hudit - Bat Tzion
Barukh HaShem! Welcome to Y'hudit's (Judith's) home page!

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Y'hudit is aflame with passion for our G_D and it just so happens that she is extremely adept at drawing in pencil and other assorted tools I suppose.

I have come to learn that Y'hudit at times expresses her relationship with G_D through her penchant for drawing. Quite honestly, being devoid of such talent myself, I can only marvel at what it must be like to express such intimate experiences in visual depiction.

Additionally it should be noted that in most cases ... the drawings which Y'hudit receives are more or less visions as opposed to thoughts or memories. I for one can attest to this gift since I have personally seen more than a few of these visions manifest in my own life and in the lives of others. It is truly remarkable and humbling to see our LORD at work in this manner through Y'hudit!

Y'hudit has graciously agreed without reservation to provide some of her drawings on this website ... praise G_D.

Note: To download the pictures just open them up in your browser (new tab option is preferable since you can close it without leaving the site :) ... after which you can just right click on the image and select "save image as"!