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March 2023

March 3rd: Surely for any zealous believer in the G_D of Israel, the events leading up to and including the siege and fall of Jerusalem in the late 7th and early 6th Century BC cannot be separated from the events which took place in the 1st Century AD. It does appear that the patterns are presented to us through historical records for many reasons … one of which is to ponder the recurring patterns within G_D’s WORD. And this seems to be what the Psalmist does exceptionally well.  

The Psalmist turns her sight to the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, (Yiremiyah – Whom YAH appoints), and yet again delivers a thought-provoking Messianic perspective while deftly culling out from the Book such things that pertain to the life and ministry of Messiah YESHUAH. Such patterns prevailing in the life of Jeremiah and Israel at that time should by no means be considered coincidental but rather incidental to a certain extent. Once more the Psalmist sees the pictures, patterns, portraits and portents … pointing to GREAT PELE!  

The Psalmist shows us once again how YESHUAH is quite frankly always there in Scripture. Most assuredly, as the declared Spirit of Prophecy, it should not be surprising that all prophecy is somehow related to YESHUAH … if we are prepared to look through the Messianic lens.

Todah Psalmist for the faithful rememberances and allowing us to share your Aliyah through the living WORD! 

The respective resonances lovingly provided by the Psalmist are titled:  

  • The Disappointment 
  • EL Has Spoken 
  • Shepherd's Story
  • HIS Battle 
  • Hope In Tribulation 
  • The Prophet Lives 
  • Who’s Story Is It? 
The soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! Seek HIM and HE will be found! Praise YAH!

BTW ... an updated Book Of Messages containing all 175 soul resonance messages has been placed on this site. The content can be found at Yochana's Soul Melodies main site page!
December 2022

December 12th: Praise ye YAH indeed! Just in time for the 8th Mo’ed … Chanukah … the Festival of Lights, our Psalmist Yochana returns bearing a sweet gift from her recent Aliyah traversing the record of the Prophet YeshaYAH aka Isaiah.

Naturally most believers in YESHUAH consider Isaiah to be a most esteemed deliverer of Messianic portents and revelations. With agreement by most on the nature of references such as Immanu’EL, the Suffering Servant, virgin birth, the great divine nature of PELE and so forth, Isaiah retains a special place in the hearts of believers. Yet the Psalmist reveals so much more with the release of seven new inspired messages. The Psalmist’s messages open up the door to a much broader understanding of just how “Messianic” the entire Book of Isaiah really is … just how in tune the entire Book is with the great story of YESHUAH!

The respective messages are titled: “Second Coming”, “The Burden”; “The Enemies”, “Mighty Warrior”, “Come Lets Reason”, Good News” and “Prophet’s End Game”! Each message is inspired by a specific set of contiguous verses which are viewed in a Messianic or YESHUAH context. For ease of navigation all the messages can be found on Yochana's Light And Dark site page!

The Psalmist readily connects more content as prophecies of Isiah declaring the coming of YESHUAH but then beyond such the Psalmist in many instances makes a straight line connection to the later days and Book of Revelation. With keen insights and discernment into issues such as: Sukkot, Jubilee, Anti-Mashiach, Little Horn, Kingdoms, Imperium, Jacob, Isra’el, Judgement, Battle and so forth, it appears that the Psalmist has considerably expanded the understanding of prophecy gifted through Isaiah. Then again we kow WHO is the SPIRIT of Prophecy! Praise YESHUAH forever and ever.

A careful read of these inspired messages seems to be in order.

Yet again great thanks to the Psalmist Yochana who diligently performs her resonant charge with all haste in a time such as this.

Enjoy the upcoming Chanukah Mo’ed … yes Mo’ed ... if it be received!

Shalom Shalom


​​​​​​​October 2022

October 13th: The Psalmist Yochana blesses us with a double portion during this special Sukkot Season. Both soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Light And Dark site page! 

"House Of Wisdom" provides an intriguing look into Proverbs 9 and the threads by which it is attached to a broader truth in the WORD. The truth of G_D's wisdom versus the false wisdom of mankind ... the Heavenly wisdom versus the wisdom of the Olam. Seeing the contiguous nature of Proverbs 8 and 9, the Psalmist sees the picture of how the real author of Proverbs 8 goes about the restoration process of humanity in terms of "renewing the mind" with knowledge and truth. Wisdom's House is built indeed ... with pillars set upon eyelets/engravements ... all sitting on the very foundation stone of GRACE! 

"Tov & Ra" looks deep into Solomon's life-long chase of "wisdom" as revealed in "Kohelet" otherwise known as Ecclesiastes. Yes wise Solomon desired so much to know the deep and dark things ... yet what he found was vanity and frustration instead of the hope his own father David found along his Aliyah. Poor Shlomo ... who told thee that thou was naked? Indeed who told all of us that we were naked?

September 2022

September 16th: "First Witness" is a lovely soul resonance our Psalmist fashions while focusing on Proverbs #8. Most believers sense the awesome spiritual revelation to some extent and how Solomon is inspired to speak of the Heavenly ... but Yochana provides us a far more literal straight line path between Solomon and Isaiah and John the Beloved ... ultimately declaring the author of Proverbs #8 ... PELE YOETZ EL GIBBOR AVI AD SAR SHALOM ... or as we more readily and lovingly refer to him ... YESHUAH! The soul resonance can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! Seek HIM and HE will be found! Praise YAH!

​​August 2022

August 30th: The Psalmist Yochana has amazingly completed her most recent Aliyah through the Book of Psalms and as the record shows herein the outputs have been to date excellent. But now Yochana ends this current Aliyah leg with a set of WONDERFUL soul resonances exposing the connections and mysterires within the Psalms regarding the relationship between YAH and SALVATION ... aka ... YESHUAH!  The soul resonances can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

"Salvation Name" our sweet Psalmist connects the straight line threads between YAH and YESHUAH through Moses, David, Eythan and Isaiah. The clues are exposed and followed and the path is both exhilarating and undeniable! How mysterious is this YAH ... what did the Psalmists know ... how special was their relationship with THE LORD? Were they simply audacious or were they given special revelation concerning A NAME of ELOHIM that is specifically relevant to HIS SALVATION plans for humanity? Oh Isra'el ... YESHUAH is calling you to come and drink from the well springs of life itself!

"HalleluYAH" focuses on the traditional Hallel Pesach Psalm set (113-118) with the necessary inclusion of Psalms 111 and 112. Always a mystery how mainstream Isra'el can't find YESHUAH within scriptures; more amazing is how the Psalmist reveals the connections to YESHUAH through the very Hallel Psalms sung during Passover. The Haggadah screams to Isra'el to ponder the Rejected Stone ... once again the Psalmist cries out to Isra'el with another love song!

"Songs of Degrees" (Shirim haMa'alot) traces the story of Isra'el through the perspective of "one man-one nation". Opposed to adopting the traditional "Song of Ascents" definition, Yochana senses and portrays the Psalms in a more accurate perspective of "degrees" as in ups and downs. The Psalmists take us on a thrilling ride from Abraham, Jacob,, David, Solomon and ultimately leading us of course to the one man YESHUAH who is the nation Isra'el ... and yes HE too assuredly experienced Shirim haMa'alot like no other before or after!

"Mizmor Niflotay" considers the final Psalms of King David as well as those provided by the royal scribes. Yochana draws out the story within the closing body of works within the book and paints the picture of THE WORD's MAJESTY ... the HOPE of all humanity ... the KING ... the Faithful WITNESS ... the WARRIOR ... the ONE who would descend to She'ol and rise in victory! Praise ye YAH ... Praise ye YESHUAH. 

"We Found HIM" and YES this is what the Psalmist Yochana shouts aloud and resonates throughout all existence. Considering the very words of YESHUAH himself ... seek him and find him within the Torah and Prophets and Psalms, Yochana shares her personal joy with us all while being blessed to see the straight line path from YeHoVaH to YAH to YESHUAH! Like Andrew so long ago when rushing to his brother Peter, our Psalmist reveals the giddy joy of a child while shouting aloud "we have found HIM"!

In historical perspective it is highly considered how the scribes of YAHWEH predated the Israelites' captivity in Egypt. The YAHWEH tradition carried on by the Royal Kenite Scribes (appointed by King David) remarkably takes a bit of turn by the end of the Book of Psalms. Not to say that YeHoVaH is reduced in any sense ... but conversely the majestic plans to bring SALVATION to humanity through the divine YAH becomes apparent. From a historical perspective it should be noted that to an extent that the YAHWEHists ultimately became YAHists due to the amazing revelation which came by way of the Psalmists. More astounding is that the portrayal of the Son of Man as the Son of David as both Mashiach and SALVATION readily manifest within the Psalms when viewed within the correct YESHUAH context as our Psalmist Yochana has blessed us with through her lovely and WONDERFUL soul resonances!

August 19th: Yochana continues Aliyah through the Psalms, this time placing focus on Psalms 93-99 and the story they tell. Collectively these psalms depict the contrast between the Holy and unholy ... the wise and the foolish ... the choice to be made ... and the fate to be received! The story reveals the true game of thrones being fought and real consequences of choice. JUDGEMENT or SALVATION ... surely all shall see HIM ... there is simply "No Withstanding" the inevitable WORD OF G_D! As always the Psalmist simply exhorts everyone to "follow the clues"! The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!​​​​​​​

The Psalmist sends forth the soul resonance "Ki L'Olam Chasdo" ... the message not just of judgment but of MERCY! With inspired insights into Psalms 100-107, Yochana gives glory to the ELOHIM of creation ... the ELOHIM of judgment ... the ELOHIM of MERCY! What is the true value of mercy if the recompense of judgment is never realized? What is the value of a covenantal relationship with G_D if it is void? What really invokes ELOHIM's MERCY? ... Is it simply random as some believe? Hmmm! G_D's mercy endures forever and ever ... and at least some shall find mercy from the GREAT RIDER ON THE WIND! The soul resonance can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

​​​​​​​July 2022

July 22nd: The Psalmist pays a special tribute to Eytan the ascribed author of Psalm 89 with a lovely soul resonance wherein the main questions and hopes of Eytan are put up for discussion. Like all important content in The WORD ... the answers come by way of YESHUAH ... the key of David! So what of the promises made to King Daveed? What of Israel's hope in the wake of imperial failure and national humiliation? The message "Psalm 89-Forever King" can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

July 14th: The Psalmist points out, in her usual subtle manner, another part of the intricate Messianic story that emerges within the Psalms. This time Yochana explores the prophetic utterances and connections to YESHUAH in the context of his great mission ... through Psalms connecting Asaph, David and the Sons of Korach. For Tzion's sake most assuredly HE would not be silent! "Tzion's Sake" can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

July 8th: Our Psalmist Yochana continues along a journey through the Psalms ... providing us with deeper insights as to how the Psalmist feels ... what is wanted ... what is known!  Haya and yada prevail if one simply listens to the cooing dove and remembers WHO is the "key of David"! "What The Psalmist Wants" can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! 

July 4th: The Psalmist deeply ponders the life of Asaph through those works ascribed to him. Although the sages and pundits will tell you that there is not a broader story to tell contained within these Psalms, it appears that our Psalmist Yochana disagrees.... And just perhaps the contiguous ordering of these Psalms handed down is something that should not be ignored. "Chayei Asaph" can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page!

The Psalmist on this very day when Bavel remembers it's purported freedom, provides a stark reminder to "All The Earth" that Judgment is forthcoming. With another inspired and close look at the Psalms, Yochana sheds light on the threads that bind from Psalmist to Prophet ... from Prophet to Prophet. There is a beautiful picture painted by ELOHIM's WORD for the elect ... though imperfect as was Daveed, destined for SALVATION despite the tumult and accusations of the nations and the adversaries. The LORD will quiet the "hamon" coming from the "haman(s)". The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!​​​​​​​

June 2022

June 15th: The Psalmist reveals and shares insights from the story within the story contained in Psalms 24-29. A story of humility, desire, charge and glory. ... A story of the promise that would come with the Gospel of YESHUAH and the hope of turning the sinners to the ways of righteousness. But it all starts with a simple game of hide and seek ending with majestic shine. It sure seems as if David wanted his hand in the great commission! "Hide & Seek" can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

May 2022

May 30th: Yochana reveals the opposing desires of the heart of King David and yes perhaps other Beloveds of THE LORD. On one hand the compelling need to satisfy their charge ... yet on the other hand a longing to simply fly away and be at rest. Yochana's musical rendition of "Psalm 55 (Wings Like A Dove)" should resonate for anyone under siege! This new album pre-release can be found on the Psalms of Yochana site page! BTW ... remember it is Rosh Chodesh this evening so have your shofars ready as a memorial!

May 27th: The Psalmist explores a set of Psalms with connections to Purim ... and perhaps to Messiah's return and even more so to New Jerusalem itself. Yochana's soul resonance focuses upon the "lily" while following clues left by Psalmists from long ago! The soul resonance titled "Shushan To New Jerusalem" can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page! ... Praise THE LORD WHO upholds the Psalmist with zeal and strength!

May 25th: The Psalmist provides us with a lovely soul resonance message titled "Ashrei" ... the story behind the Beatitudes and the sermon on the mount as seen through selected Psalms of David. Not surprisingly, as with all things, they converge with the GREAT YESHUAH! The message can be found on Yochana's Oh Israel site page!

May 23rd: The Psalmist continues on a zealous pace heading towards Shavu'ot ... blessing us with another pre-release from her next Album. "Psalm 144" is an absolutely lovely testimony ... another chance to let the soul just sing along with the Psalmist to THE LORD. May the spiritual warfare continue and the demons and foul spirits be chased away by the strings and resonance of the Psalmist! Psalm 144 can be found on the Psalms of Yochana site page!

May 17th: The Psalmist is once again back into the musical string of things during this Mo'adim Season. With a uniquely Yochana sound from old, we are blessed to hear “Psalm 23” sung in Hebrew with English translation provided. It appears the Psalmist is yet again about to go on a "roll"! Barukh HaSHEM! The new song can be found on the Psalms of Yochana site page!

May 11th: The Psalmist ponders the issue of personal dedication ... what should we offer to ELOHIM ... what do we have of worth ... what is this personal glory David speaks of in the Psalms? Hmmm! The soul resonance titled "Dedication" can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

​​​​​​​April 2022

April 3rd: The Psalmist provides a deeper dive into the Book of Jobe, with five soul resonances addressing many things that sages, pundits and wisemen have ignored or failed to simply discern. The Psalmist once again proves how viewing all the Scriptures in a context of YESHUAH sheds new and wondrous insights ... how THE WORD is alive and relevant forever. BTW it appears that the Psalmist's Aliyah and timing is perfect with the Mo'adim quickly descending upon us!

May blessings come to the Psalmist for sharing this labor of love! Barukh HaSHEM & Praise YESHUAH!

"Life and Death" provides stark insights into the questions of righteousness and after life ... while of course placing such within the context of the GREAT MESSIAH YESHUAH.

"Out of Order" contemplates the outrageous trial of Jobe and the picture of what would come to our YESHUAH many years later. Same but different but all the same the Psalmist reveals the patterns.

"What's the Use?" tackles the question raised: "What's the use of life". In true form Yochana responds from THE WORD itself revealing how it's not about man but about ELOHIM and HIS AWESOME IMAGE and will for humanity.

"Inspired Seeking" reveals how the Psalmist David sheds so much light on the mysteries presented within Jobe's Book. Inspired seeking was surely the modus operandi of King David and glorious were the revelations he received and passed along forever!

"New Wine Mystery" ponders the mysterious Elihu and the mystery of new wine! What an amazing revelation as we see how new wine in old skins can happen through the miracle and WONDER that is YESHUAH.

The soul resonances can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

​​​​​​​March 2022

March 23rd: The Psalmist with this soul resonance "Order In The Court" ponders the order of certain things within THE LORD's Kingdom. Great REBBE YESHUAH seemed to challenge many status quo institutional conventions in his day ... conventions that seem to linger and linger ... hmmm! What kind of order should prevail in the Body of Messiah ... what would YESHUAH expect? The soul resonance can be found on the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page!

March 20th: The Psalmist Yochana with this soul resonance shares a quite interesting take on being counted and sealed within the "Book Of Life". So which is the Book Of Life ... does your name appear ... do you have perhaps more names as one travels through life's journey? The soul resonance titled "A Good Seal" can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

March 13th: The Psalmist Yochana sends out a poignant lamentation over Babylon and the "Great Revival" hoped for that shall never come ... as foretold so very long ago! Things just keep going from bad to worse! The soul resonance can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

March 4th: The Psalmist pays tribute to the great Maccabean heroes from days gone by in her deeply introspective style, Yochana with this soul resonance "Maccabees Song" explores more closely the so called "silent 400 years" ... the years that set the stage for Yeshuah's coming. Surely ELOHIM was not silent but rather HIS calling has just simply fell upon deaf ears! Sh'ma Yisrael! The soul resonance can be found on the Tribulation site page.

March 2nd: The Psalmist peers deeply into the mysteries of the return of the exiles and the restoration of the Temple and establishment of order. With some deft wording, Yochana has left us some clues to follow ... revealing patterns which might surprise us. The new soul resonance "Help and Comfort" can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

February 2022

February 24th: The Psalmist continues her Aliyah ... she continues to seek and chase the mysteries of the living WORD. Why me so many ask ... why us they cry aloud. Stay strong faithful ones ... the answers most often are not found in this life ... during this time ... under tribulation. The new soul resonance "Why Me?" can be found on the Psalmist's Tribulation site page. Yochana is on a roll ... let us be joyful for the blessings!

February 18th: Yochana the Psalmist considers the political machinations of Israel ... from days of old and even now. Who can Israel trust ... Who does trust Israel? In what direction is safety ... or danger? The days are treacherous yet again as rumors of war ramp up ... as Israel continues to play the game of regional and world politics. Who can believe the report? The soul resonance titled "All Directions" can be found on the Oh Israel site page!

February 13th: The Psalmist directs her attention to the wisdom of recognizing the special ... the awesome! With this soul resonance titled "Who Is Wise", Yochana ponders how Royalty is received by Israel ... how Royalty is seen by the humble and the foreigner but sadly not by the purported wise men of Israel who remain confounded! 

With a double portion gift today the Psalmist also provides a soul resonance pertaining to Israel shining the light. With "Torah Exposé" Yochana tackles some often times troubling questions as to how the Torah Mitzvot are relevant and shiny ... or at least should be! 

The messages can be found on the Oh Israel site page!​​​​​​​

February 4th: The Psalmist gets deep into the mysteries of "Tribulation" ... who suffers, what it means to humans ... what it means to THE LORD. Kudos to the Psalmist for breaking the silence over such a difficult message. Woe to man during these days of despair but also let us lament THE LORD's own broken heart. The soul resonance can be found on the Tribulation site page.

January 2022

January 28th: The Psalmist gifts us with a lovely soul resonance titled "What Kind of ELOHIM". With her strings and voice Yochana pours out hope and exhortation as she ponders and declares the GREATNESS of G_D Most High. ELOHIM of the living is alive and well and all around us, with us and in us. Praise YESHUAH THE ONE TRUE SON. The message can be found on the Light and Dark site page under Yochana's Soul Melodies main page.

January 6th: The Psalmist ponders the hold that the Imperium of the Olam has on the people of Earth and the power granted to the adversary by the GREAT ELOHIM. Flee or Fight or Endure ... this is the question! The message titled "Authority" can be found on the Tribulation site page under Yochana's Soul Melodies main page.

The Psalmist also explores the provocative notion of the existence of real life royalty with "Royalty Patterns". Where has the Royalty gone? Have the children and nation been left orphaned. Where is the imperfect yet righteous seed of Judah ... are we left to fend alone? The Psalmist asks the hard questions! Do we believe? The message can be found on the Oh Israel site page under Yochana's Soul Melodies main page.