Yochana The Beloved Psalmist - A Message To Deliver

The Psalmist's Message

Please note: The Psalmist Yochana can now be found on Youtube also at the following URL where the resonances and writings have been upgraded to multimedia video formats: 

Beginning around Shavu'ot (Pentecost) in the year 5777 (2017 CE) our Psalmist Yochana began resonating in a very unique manner ... expressing the outputs of a personal and communal aliyah our LORD has seen fit to charge her with.

During this time our Psalmist's resonances have begun to expose the latter days in which we now find ourselves. Beginning with heart felt exhortations for the elect to awaken and come out from the systems of delusion and profantiy (Babylon), our Psalmist has been rapidly revealing secrets to mysteries reserved for the servants of the latter days!

We have seen our Psalmist reveal things about the Signs and Times ... the Beloveds ... the 144,000 sealed ones ... the Witnesses ... the 4th Kingdom as well as the Beast's name. The Psalmist has done so within the backdrop of letting everyone who will hear receive the message of what is going on!

A detailed review of the Psalmist's message(s) beginning with the call to "Come Out of Her" depicts within itself an aliyah and movement towards a greater understanding of how these latter days will be just as in the days of Noah and YESHUA ... a time when even amongst dedicated and learned believers there will be limited understanding ... a time when even the purported believers have fashioned their own notion of how G_D will bring about these days.

All the while the Psalmist implores and exhorts the faithful to awaken ... see and sense what is going on ... make t'shuvah (repentance) and return to YESHUA before it is too late.

The patterns playing out now have done so before ... and so often we see with our great and awesome G_D they repeat ... remaining the same ... and yet different at the same time.

Please children of G_D ... it is not by chance that you have come to this site ... to these Psalmist's messages! It is time to grab onto the robe and follow because deep in the spirit we know that G_D is with the messenger ... G_D is with the Beloveds!

The time continues to grow short and the Psalmist continues to pour out her heart and soul. Let her message be not just a pleasant voice and love song to be listened to ... let the Psalmist's chord resonate within you deep inside ... the time is short!​​​​​