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These changes are anticipated to remain posted for roughly 60 - 120 days!

June 2020

June 25th: The Psalmist questions what it means to BE REAL with her latest inspired resonance. Is it veracity of belief ... or knowledge of doctrine ... or a gifted heritage? Or is it something else altogether? Hmmm! "Being Real" can be found on the Oh Israel site page!  

June 2nd: The Psalmist Yochana resonates out some badly needed truth regarding the current global pandemic! The Psalmist's new message is titled "Infected" and can be found on the Tribulation site page. So what do believers think what is going on and who is the cause and what is the purpose? You might be surprised at what the Psalmist has to reveal!

May 2020

May 25th: The Psalmist ponders the plight and blessings of the LORD's servants with a focus on Yochanan the Beloved. This resonance titled "The Slave" exhorts believers to not just trust the word of the sevants but to pray to be made a slave of YESHUAH! The soul resonance can be found on the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!

An emboldened Yochana with a new soul resonance titled "Who Will Tell" speaks out in truth amidst these challenging times. Where are the servants giving stark warning to mankind and glory to ELOHIM. Is everyone really afraid to speak up? The soul resonance can be found on the Psalmist's Tribulation site page!
April 2020

April 5th: Yochana delivers a lovely musical soul song with her new release ... her rendition of "Psalm 73". Yochana pours out her trust in THE LORD knowing that the wicked who prosper now shall receive what has been promised! The soul song can be found at the Psalms of Yochana site page!

April 2nd: Psalmist Yochana resonates the intimate truths of true worship of THE SON ... of YESHUAH! Indeed ... "Kiss THE SON" is a stark reminder in times of tribulation that we dare not slight our LORD ... lest HE be angry! The resonance can be found on the Oh Israel site page!

March 2020

March 29th: The Psalmist sends a musical exhortation to all the Pilgrims of the Earth ... it is time to consider the aliyah path ... the destination ... the motivation ... the outcome! Is your pilgrim road leading to New Jerusalem ... to YESHUAH? The "Pilgrimage Road" song can be found on the Psalmist's Heart site page!

March 18th: The Psalmist with her new song, "Psalm 27", reveals the mystery of King Daveed's secret hiding place ... that wonderful Sukkah provided by YESHUAH for those HE loves. Thank you Psalmist for such insight and hopeful exhortation! May we share in your joy! The soul song can be found at the Psalms of Yochana site page!

"The Johns Road" is an inspiring message for those believers looking for their destiny which comes by way of "love" ... G_D's love through the love of real brethren desiring that all of G_D's children have their joy in YESHUAH made complete! The lovely message for such a time as this can be found at the Psalmist's Light and Sark site page! 

March 17th: The Psalmist delves into the perspective of Doctor Luke one of the four ordained writers/scribes of YESHUAH's Good News Gospel. How interesting to see the Psalmist discern Luke's testimonial from a "Royal Scribe" perspective ... in the pattern of the Kenite Royal Scribes of old! Very interesting indeed! The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page!

The Psalmist's "Book Of Messages" has been updated with all 97 to date Soul Resonances gifted to us by Yochana ... praise YESHUAH for such revelation given to HIS Holy ones throughout time and todah Yochana for bringing the truth into remembrance at such a time as this! The Book can be found on the Soul Melodies of Yochana main page! The Psalmist proves again that to see what is coming we need to look to the past!

March 16th: The Psalmist resonates a deep mystery regarding the comings and goings of ELOHIM ... of YES HUAH! Come along for a grand ride as Yochana ponders the revelation of THE SHEKINAH in our Earthly realm with "Kingdom Song". Oh Israel ... why can't thou see our LORD ... why don't you even seek? The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page!

March 11th: The Psalmist pays tribute to Melekh Daveed with this wonderful resonance exposing Daveed's deeply stunning revelation ... his "King's Torah" ,,, mysteriously woven into Psalm 119. How wonderful that the Psalmist pays heed to the call of truth and the glory of King David's Torah legacy! The soul resonance can be found at the Psalmist's Oh Israel site page!

March 5th: With a new resonance titled "Oh Ishmael", the Psalmist provides us with a view into the deep rooted discontent Ishmael harbors for Israel ... for Jacob ... from the beginning! But alas Messiah YESHUAH will prevail for Jacob! Let us not be like Ishmael who revels in Jacob's Trouble! These new resonance from Yochana can be found at the Psalmist's Light And Dark site page!